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The Logifaces tool is an excellent geometric skill development game. It received the Hungarian Design Award and was the finalist of a game design competition in 2012 juried by Prof. Ernő Rubik, the world famous inventor of the Magic cube.

There are 11 different blocks in the Logifaces game. Each block can be identified by the height of their three vertices. These heights can be 1, 2, or 3 units. The rule of the game is to build a continuous surface using up all blocks without leaving any gaps or breaks between them. Logifaces is one of the first puzzles jumping from the ordinary two-dimensional plain to the three-dimensional space. The puzzle is two-dimensional, but the solution is in three-dimension. The tool offers complicated mathematical, geometrical and scientific problems. There are many applications as an educational tool.


Math curriculum:

- Switching between dimensions (plain and volume)

- Combinatorics

- Algebra

- Figurate numbers

- Spatial geometry

- Graph theory


Science curriculum:

- Chemical bounds

- Molecules

- Crystalline structures

- Speed



- Polygonal modeling

- Network science


Art education:

- Design thinking

- Relief structures, light and shadow effect, basic figurative forms


Developing social skills:

- Problem solving skills

- Cooperation skills in peer learning

- Inclusive (e.g. shared activity with visually impaired)

- Non-verbal communicational skills


These lesson plans and activities were developed in the framework of Erasmus + Strategic Partnerships.